NBA Analyst Mo Mooncey Launches Mini-Doc On Zion Williamson Rise To Fame – ‘The Next Dance’

Long before he got drafted number 1 by the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2019 NBA draft, Zion Williamson was a superstar and arguably the most popular 18 year old player ever. Joining an esteemed club getting his own signature sneaker at age 20 with Jordan Brand, renowned videographer Laurence Mckenna & the face of NBA coverage in the UK Mo Mooncey have produced a documentary titled ‘The Next Dance’ taking a detailed view at the rise of Zion.

“We wanted to create something that beautifully captured the current state of British basketball and the potential it has, couple that with Zion’s unique personality and story. Throughout we discovered the parallels between the two and how basketball, as a whole, can seek to inspire and motivate all across the world, no matter where you come from.”

The documentary takes a look into the process that goes into making a signature collection and the inspiration behind it; with conversation from the Jordan Brand designers who worked on the Zion 1 from ideation to execution. Also featured are the stories of several known faces in British Basketball including the Foot Fire athletes Anthony Ghatt and Josh Lessey on their family ties through Basketball along with hometown hero of London Justin Robinson discussing his path to stardom and the current state of basketball in the city.

Be sure to check out the mini documentary launching on Laurence Mckenna’s YouTube channel 8pm BST on Sunday July 18th and on Sky Sport’s social channels coinciding with NBA Finals coverage.

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