OnCourtOffCourt Episode 58: Regal Basketball & NBA London Games

In this episode, we had the chance to link up with Jason Henley, the Community Manager for Black Prince Trust, the home of Regal Basketball. This is a local spot for us and many, many others in the UK to come and play basketball as there are two indoor courts. Beyond that, it is a hub for the community of Lambeth and beyond as there are a variety of activities available from boxing to football, to name a few.

We were also joined by Anthony Ghattz a.k.a Mr. Foot Fire as Foot Fire is a partner of Regal Basketball and so we talked about the start of Regal Basketball, the partnerships that have been formed and the plans for things going forward. We also talked about the NBA London game, sharing some thoughts on how the UK game (i.e. the BBL) could benefit from the NBA London game and ways of increasing the support of UK basketball.
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