SALE – Nike PG 2.5 Black/White

Paul George love for gaming is no secret, demonstrated with the release of the PG 2 Playstation. During 2018’s E3 Paul George debuted the Nike PG 2.5 a new silhouette in the PG range serving as a teaser before the launch of the PG 3.

Combining elements from his 1st and 2nd signature shoe the most noticeable feature is the return of the mid foot strap.

“We wanted to refresh the silhouette and keep evolving it,” designer Tony Hardman said. “Paul wanted to put the strap from the PG1 on it, and this allowed us us to approach the element in a different way. Instead of incorporating Flywire as we did on the original, we conceived a new strap for the PG 2.5 built from a new webbing.”

The Nike PG 2.5 are now on sale for £67


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