Introducing The “Swish – Basketball Shot Tracker” APP

Introducing the Swish – Basketball Shot Tracker App, assisting users to keep track of their shot efficiency.  We’re proud to announce that Foot Fire will be working in association with ElapseLabs as a Brand Ambassador for the Swish Basketball Shot Tracker App

Swish Shot Tracker App Promo
Screenshots of the Swish Basketball Shot Tracker App

The Swish App launched on March 30th 2018 and allows users to easily record their makes/misses on 2pt, 3pt & freethrow shots when training providing you with daily statistics so you can keep track of your shot efficiency over the course of your workouts. 

“The purpose of the app is to allow anyone who is willing to put the hours in to improve their Basketball shooting efficiently, while also helping with motivation with features such as motivational messages, the stats page and a friendly user interface.”

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Swish Basketball Shot Tracker App Available on the Google Play Store for 0.99p

ElapseLabs was founded by two student from Gloucestershire UK who created the Swish Basketball Shot Tracker App not only to assist basketball players, but also to assist the development of Basketball in the UK.

Founder David Adams grew up loving both Basketball and Football, where he plays for 2 teams, and didn’t have access to any Basketball teams that can play consistently in any leagues within the area he resides and is “one of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of the Swish – Basketball Shot Tracker App as I believe it could help grow Basketball within the UK”.

Founder Matt Rowlinson wasn’t exposed to much basketball as a kid and his passion for sport grew when he joined his college basketball team. With plans to go on to University and study a degree withing sports management. The growth of Basketball in the UK has been stagnant for quite some time and Matt is up to the challenge in helping to promote the sport. “Producing local talent is the forefront to exposure and we want to help this as much as possible.”

We felt that a lot of the alternatives were overpriced and believe that offering a low-cost option that only needs one click per shot will help a huge percentage of basketball players across the globe to improve their game without having to ‘break the bank”


The Swish Basketball Shot Tracker App is available to DOWNLOAD on the Google Play Store for 0.99p. Be sure to follow both ElapseLabs & Officialfootfire on Instagram for updates.