Introducing Cross Over Culture – Basketball Sneaker/Apparel

Launched on 10th February 2018 at East Bay, Crossover Culture is a brand that focuses mainly on Basketball Performance footwear but also launched a lifestyle footwear and clothing line which is not typically seen with new brands entering the market. Their initial launch included 3 on-court models (pictured below) which are designed to cater for basketball players irregardless of the position they play.


Sniper LP Low

Fortune LP

Crossover Culture Manifesto:

“The game has changed, sneakers should too. Positions don’t matter. A sick handle is the most dangerous weapon out there. Everyone on the court is a play maker. Gone are the days of shoes built around “power players” or “point guards”. In this games, big guys are fast, small guys rock the rim  and everyone can handle the rock.” 


The Sniper Lp, Sniper Lp low & Fortune Lp are the basketball performance models form Crossover Culture and the design and build reflect the manifesto as they all feature the same tooling but the build varies between the 3 models providing options and accommodating players style preferences. Staying true to the name Crossover each shoe features the LP Cushioning System which is a newly engineered foam cushion system, engineered alongside their chemical research partners. The Zero-compression set LP cushioning compound is designed not to break down like traditional foams and providing the same level of cushioning and comfort for the life of the shoe. The “wishbone suspension” delivers dual direction stability without compromising flex zones and the team re-engineered their shoes to ensure straight out of the box comfort boasting a natural forefoot feel.

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I had the opportunity to join the One on One Podcast where we had a conversation with founder Ryan Duke introducing Crossover Culture and answering some question from myself and the crew about the creation and start up of the brand. Take a listen here on Itunes &

 Our Favourite the Sniper LP “Black Diamond” #FOOTFIREAPPROVED 

It’s refreshing to see a new brand with their own unique concept bringing something new to the table in a market that can do with a shake up. Foot Fire is all about championing new ideas and Crossover Culture has our support.