Brixton Topcats Basketball Club Crowdfunding

The Foot Fire team were saddened when we came across the news that the Brixton Topcats founded by the LEGENDARY Jimmy Rogers is in need of raising £10,000 to support the #FOOTFIREAPPROVED work they do in the Basketball Community. An insert from their Crowdfunding page; “We are a non-profit community club, run by local volunteers, who charge absolute minimum fees so that no child or young adult need ever be excluded for financial reasons.  This ethos is proving more and more difficult to sustain without the help and support of incredible volunteers and generous fund givers…like you.”

Members of the Foot Fire team grew up playing for Brixton Topcats and we are using our platform to assist in raising the funds necessary. Below will give you and understanding of how the funds will be used;

  • £1000 buys court hire for 1 week during half term (min. of 10 weeks a years
  • Travel to away games for U18 and U14 teams – £1500 a year
  • League registration fees for U12, U14 and u18 – £2500 a year
  • Referees for home games – £100 for U14’s and £140 for U18’s

Funds are also needed to update their website and for PR to ensure that any local child who wants to play basketball, knows they’re welcome and how to get involved. The funds will ensure that we can continue to be accessible to all young people, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

CLICK HERE for more information about the campaign and to donate to a worthy #FOOTFIREAPPROVED cause.

If you would like to help further please contact via E-Mail They host scrimmages for mixed abilities, gender, ages and skill level on;

Date: Every Wednesday Time: 8-10pm
Cost: £3

Spread the word and join the Foot Fire team who will be present. Bring your game and you might make it to the Highlight video

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